The general consul of Ethiopia in Germany gave a speech to Etiopia-Witten about the actual political situation

On Friday evening, February 3, 2017, the Consul General of the Ethiopian Consulate in Frankfurt, Mr. Mehretab Mulugeta gave a lecture on the current situation in the country of Ethiopia. He described the background of the political unrest in Ethiopia last year. He presented both the political events, the sociological problems and the influence of foreign interest groups in an impressive and differentiated way. He spoke in a balanced way about the positive and negative reactions of the government on the events and reported on the initiated measures. These have led to a stabilization and calming of the situation. It was of great interest to hear that in the coming parliamentary elections, unlike at present, all the groups represented in the election result will be represented in Parliament by their results.

The Consul General had been accompanied by the Consul for Puplic Relationship, Mr. Mesgena. He presented three short information films from Ethiopia to illustrate and document the central statements of the lecture.

In the ensuing, lively and critical discussion numerous questions could be answered by the open and detailed answers of the Consul General.

At the end of the interesting evening the certificate for the construction of a new rural elementary school in the region of Baasale in northern Ethiopia was signed by the project participants. Through the joint funding and organization by the association-Etiopia-Witten by supported by the generous donation of the Holzkamp school Witten, the Tigray Development Assiociation (TDA-Frankfurt and TDA mother organization) from Mekelle and the Ethiopian University Mekelle the construction of school buildings will made be possible. It will give a new home for an outdoor public school for surrounding villages, held under a tree.

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