Samuel Berhane MD from Ayder Hospital Mekelle Ethiopia finished one year cardiology training in Stuttgart -Germany 2017/2018

Report about my stay in Stuttgart- Germany
from June 1st 2017 to September 7th 2108


Dr. Samuel Berhane with 1 year ceritificate in RBK cath lab

Samuel Berhane with his certivicate from Robert Bosch Krankenhaus Stuttgart

My name is Samuel Berhane Gebretsadik, MD, I am born and living in the town of Mekelle in northern Ethiopia. As an internist and cardiologist I am employed in the position of an assistant professor in Ayder Referral Hospital of Mekelle Hospital. I am reporting about my training in interventional cardiology in the Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, Stuttgart, Germany for about 16 months 2017/2018. I have completed my stay in Germany about 2 months ago and I am now back home and helping about 7 million people who need cardiological care together with 2 cardiologists trained in India and Italy.

All this time has been very hard. I left home 31.5.2017, 3 days after the birth of my little daughter Mariamauvit. It gave me much heartache. But the only way to get the designation as an Ethiopian cardiologist is to go for at least on year abroad.

I got the chance for training in interventional cardiology in Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, Stuttgart, Germany in the cardiology department lead by Prof. Udo Sechtem. They did their very best to teach me for one year in interventional cardiology, pace maker implantation and Stress-Echocardiographie. The rounds with Prof. Sechtem on early Saturday and Sunday mornings were most educative not only in medicine also in philosophy.

After that time I did hundreds of heart catheterization, PCIs and several pacemaker implantation with the senior cardiologists in RBK. The Stress-Echo training was in the Cardio-center in Ludwigsburg.

After all I want to thank at first Prof. Sechtem, all the doctors, esp. Dr Tim Schäufele and Dr Alex Becker and all the nurses esp. Sr Joanna. Last but not least Frau Helene Janzen, secretary of Prof. Sechtem, she helped me in every difficult situation.

And I want to thank Dr. Gabriele Wehr who made the stay in Germany happen and all the funders who gave me the financial basis for this year in Germany.

If you ask me for the most unpleasant: to learn the German language, it is difficult, it is exhausting and it is annoying.

If you ask me for the most impressive: 1. Punctuality, always in time 2.the people work by themselves 3. the high working intensity.

Now I am back home, happy to have my family and happy to have this big experience, knowledge and skills for my work in the cath lab here in Ayder hospital to help our people.

Samuel Berhane MD
Internist – Cardiologist
Assistant Professor
of Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital
College of Health Sciences
Mekelle University

Samuel Berhand MD in the Echo lab of RBK Stuttgart

Samiuel Berhane in the Echo-Cardiography Lab of Robert Bosch Krankenhaus Stutgart

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