Etiopia-Witten donates 17,000 Euro for Ethiopia

Donations for Covid-19, plague of locusts and the installation of a kitchen for special medical food at Ayder Hospital

Because of the current emergency, particularly in the province of Tigray, generous donations from members of the Etiopia-Witten Association and its supporters are still being sent to the responsible institutions in Mekelle to care for or alleviate particularly acute emergencies.

On 29.10. 2020 these donations were transferred to Ethiopia:

1) 6,000 € for the establishment of nutrition supply and training Center in Ayder according to the MoU
2) 7,500 € for PPE against Covid-19
3) 3,500 € against the devastation of the swarms of locusts in Tigray might be in Raya

We are in regular e-mail and telephone contact with the responsible persons at the University of Mekelle and the Tigray Ministry of Health to ensure that our donations are used in a targeted manner.

Details in English language from Ethiopian press:

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