Head of Ayder University Hospital in Mekelle thanks Etiopia-Witten NGO for finacial support

On Twitter, surgeon Kibrom Gebreselassi, MD and clinical director of Ayder Hospital, reported the successful arrival of valuable medical equipment from Addis Ababa, purchased with funds from Etiopia-Witten and others.

On the international news service Twitter, the Clinical Director of Ayder Hospital has thanked Etiopia-Witten for the generous donations. It has been possible to procure important materials for the work in laboratories, operating rooms and other departments in Addis Ababa with these funds. A small part of the salaries for the staff at Ayder Hospital was paid.


Arrival of medical goods in Ayder March 2023

In summary, including what we have donated for the house for the raped women, we were able to provide a total of €270,000 to Ayder Hospital for humanitarian help during the war in local currency.


Kibrom thanks Etiopia-Witten


Twitter greetings to Kibrom from EW

However, the situation in Tigray is still very tense and the traffic routes to and from Tigray continue to be severely disrupted in the countryside. The peace process is also still very fragile, but progress is being made to push Eritrean and Amharic troops out of Tigray.

The new president of the Tigrian Provisional Government is Getachev Rheda, well known to us from his visit to Witten 2015 and meetings in Mekelle. Getachev Rheda in Witten, standing at the very back). He is experienced in government administration, and we hope that he will succeed in restoring orderly conditions in the cooperation with the central government and in Tigray.


Kindeya Award in Witten Germany 2015

Memory of a better time. Visit of Prof. Kindeya and Getatchev Rheda (in the back) in Witten Germany to honor and thank them for their cooperation with Etiopia-Witten NGO in Mekelle 2015.


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