Etio-Education - Objectives -

Etiopia-Education is a working group within the association Etiopia-Witten e.V., which was founded in 2012 to explore for ways to promote and support the country. Therefore, a contribution to the modernization of school education was planned to be made. In particular, primary education is the foundations not only for any future education, but also for a healthier way of life.  We know, that primary schools in developing countries like Ethiopia, teaches not only arithmetic, writing and reading -this type of school also enables students to make more informed choices, know their rights and better hygiene - and to gain knowledge about healthy diet.

The in Etio-Education involved members and supporters of Etiopia-Witten developed in a  clarification process the principles, goals of advanced perspective and formulated the project:

    •        The "target group" are children aged 7 - 12 years
    •        The point of reference is the empowerment of children
    •        We want to facilitate mutual contacts between German and Ethiopian children to foster knowledge and understanding
 According to our possibilities, our approach should be "model-like", assuming that a well-functioning model is a role model and can initiate further development at other schools as well.