Primary Prevention RHD Project (prevRHD)

A program of Etiopia-Witten with Klinik Partnerschaften,
Mekelle University and the Tigray Health Bureau

Website for patients, relatives and health workers

Ethiopian adolescents die from rheumatic heart disease, which is 100% preventable

Documents in Amharic language are in preparation


Do you know Rheumatic heart disease?

It begins with a simple untreated sore throat tonsillopharyngitis
and finally can destroy the heart of your child!

Take care of your child!

Bring every child with sore throat and fever to the health facility!

Sore throat  needs PrevRHD - Penicilling

Don’t send your child with sore throat and fever to school!

At the health center the child will get the live saving Penicillin injection!

PrevRHD - Sore Throat - give Penicillin


Pictures from our information Pamphlet on primary prevention of RHD (Tigrinya Language)