July 2021

by Christian Leuner

Search for funding from German Government for urgently needed drugs in Tigray



The doctor Dr. Fasika Amdeselassie, current head of the highest health authority (Tigray Health Bureau) of the war-suffering province of Tigray / Ethiopia, asked the Etiopia-Witten e. V. to hand over his letter of request to the relevant authorities of the German Federal Government (Federal Chancellor, the Foreign Ministers, Health and Development Aid). This letter contains an urgent request for the donation of urgently needed emergency medication and basic medical equipment for the war-ravaged hospitals in Tigray Province, which are included in an attached list.

We have forwarded this letter to these offices with a commentary covering letter, including a revised list of medicines and materials that contain the information necessary for procurement on the German market.

Here is an excerpt:

The only major hospital in the entire region is the Ayder Referral University Hospital in Mekelle, which we look after. This is structurally largely intact, and the equipment is largely still available. The staffing is currently still sufficient. This hospital is not only the central point of contact for the large number of war casualties, but is also the only one in the region available for the care of all other seriously ill people. In addition to the 400,000 inhabitants of the city, there is now a huge number of refugees from far and wide. There is also an extreme shortage of all medicines in the entire province, which has not yet been considered by the local aid organizations.

As the central point of contact for drug shipments for Tigray, Ayder Hospital can organize the distribution of drugs and medical materials to the remote hospitals together with the Tigray Health Bureau.

For the transport of the Dr. Fasika Amdeselassie you have requested medication, there is a formal written commitment from the Ministry of Health of the Ethiopian government to the Etiopia-Witten association that the cost of the flight with Ethiopia Airlines from Frankfurt to Mekelle will be covered in full.



Letter from Tigray Health Bureau to German Government #1


Letter from Tigray Health Bureau to German Government #2Letter from Tigray Health Bureau to German Government #3

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